The EpicPromise Employee Foundation COVID-19 Grant Process

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation COVID-19 FAQs

We have received a very high volume of applications. Your application will be looked at in the order in which it was received. If you resubmit, we will delete your first application and move you down the list.

At this time, we are prioritizing applications for those who are ill or for employees needing to get home.Thank you for understanding.


What do I need to know about the EpicPromise Employee Foundation (EPEF) before I apply?

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Our mission is to provide support to employees and their families during times of unexpected hardship. We support Vail Resorts employees and their families with financial grants that provide basic relief through specific moments of crisis.


Where do I apply for a COVID-19 Grant?

Please fill out an application here. Please be aware we will require supporting documentation.


What types of scenarios will the EPEF support?

We are currently accepting the following categories of COVID-19 grants. All applicants must still meet our eligibility requirements found here.


1. Presenting Illness or Caretaker - if you or a family member are sick with COVID-19 or you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member with COVID-19, as certified by a medical professional.

Eligibility - in addition to meeting our income qualifications, you must meet one of the following:

BY APRIL 5, 2020*, and as certified by a medical professional:

  • Contracted COVID-19
  • Started showing symptoms of COVID-19
  •  Be care-taking for someone with COVID-19, as certified by a medical professional
  •  *We cannot accept presenting illness applications after this date.


 You need the following documents for your application:

  1. Proof of emergency – this could include (but is not limited to) proof of medical consultation or attempt to seek medical evaluation such as a doctor’s written diagnosis or evaluation, screen-shots of a doctor’s virtual consultation; medical receipts and bills for doctor’s visits or specialist referrals; or caretaker status and patient identification.
  2. Reimbursable expenses
    • Medical: we will need bills or receipts for any expense you are claiming. This could include medical bills for doctor’s visits and examinations, chest x-rays, medical tests, and specialist referrals, etc. Or receipts for medication (prescribed or over the counter).
    • Monthly expenses while quarantined or isolated. For employees and employee caretakers who are quarantined or isolated because they or the person they live with is sick, we will consider up to one month of essential monthly expenses. Please provide bills/receipts for:
      • Mortgage/rent
      • Utilities
      • Cell phone/internet (no cable TV)
      • Car payments/insuranc
      • Food - $100/week for each member of immediate household (receipts not needed)


  • Any medical claims sent to your insurance must process first before we can make any payments against those bills.
  • We are only accepting essential monthly expenses at this time. Any other monthly obligations (i.e. gym memberships, storage unit, pet expenses, cable TV, etc.) will not be considered at this time.


2. Travel home or temporary lodging for seasonal employees and non-primary residents

Eligibility - in addition to meeting our income qualifications, this grant category is primarily for temporary residents of our mountain communities. If one of our mountain communities is not your primary residence and you are in need of support to get to your primary residence or temporary housing assistance while waiting to return to your primary residence, this grant is for you.

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation will not consider applications submitted after March 31, 2020 for travel reimbursements for those who have already departed our mountain communities.

You need the following documents for your application:



Reimbursable expenses

  • Travel
    • Plane ticket home – provide a screen-shot of an estimated flight
    • Change fee for plane ticket home – provide proof of reservation change
    • Gas – use this website and screen-shot your entire trip estimate. You will see "Trip fuel cost" in green toward the top of the page once you have entered your exact data.
    • Rental car – provide a reservation inclusive of cost estimate
  • Housing - we can consider short-term housing expenses while you wait to return to your primary residence. These could include:
    • Rent for up to one month for those who are waiting to return home because their country of primary residence has closed its boarders or canceled flights – please provide:
      • Proof of lease extension or conversation with landlord and monthly rent expense
      • Utilities
    • Hotel stays of up to one week (extended on a case by case basis) for those waiting to travel home
    • Other expenses we can consider in additional to travel or short-term housing:
      • Food – the Foundation’s standard rate will apply
      • Cell phone/internet bill (no cable TV)


  • For questions related to availability of housing at our resorts, please see here and search for "housing." 
  • For employees who are not currently residing in employee housing and who do not have the opportunity to move into employees housing, please attempt to extend your lease with your current landlord. 
  • Availability of employee housing: for an international employee who is unable to get back to their home country due to travel restrictions, or a domestic employee who is unable to return home, please open a case through COVID-19 Support in Direct Connect and we will work directly with you to determine next steps. FOR PEAK RESORTS EMPLOYEES: submit questions here.


Will the EPEF cover sick time or lost wages to account for resort and operations closures?

No. We cannot legally pay for lost wages related to an emergency scenario.


Who can apply for an EPEF grant?

Emergency Relief Grants are open to all Australian, Canadian and U.S. employees of Vail Resorts whose annual household meets our income qualifications found here.

  • Income and employment classification will be verified through Vail Resorts Human Resources.
  • Eligibility does not extend to the parents or extended family members of employees, only to an employee and their immediate family/legal dependents. Exceptions can be considered if you are the sole caretaker of a family member outside your immediate family unit. 
  • For a COVID-19 grant, applicants must have been an employee of Vail Resorts on March 14, 2020.
    • There are additional eligibility requirements per grant category. Please ensure you have reviewed those (listed above) before applying.


Where can I submit a co-worker referral?

Please submit all co-worker referrals here.


How quickly can I expect to receive funds?

Applications are subject to review and are not a guarantee of funds. Legally, we cannot pay any medical expense that insurance will be paying at a future date. This is consistent with our current procedure, and we will have to wait until insurance processes any claims before we can fulfill a grant.

On a case-by-case basis, you will either receive a check by mail or we will begin a wire transfer process for you. Either scenario could take up to a week or more.


How will I receive funds?

You will receive a check by mail, unless extenuating circumstances dictate wire transfer. Please be sure to provide a valid physical address where your check will reach you.


Where can I receive support for lost wages?

For U.S. based employees, please refer to your state’s unemployment insurance information.

For Canadian and Australian employees, please review your federal, provincial or state guidelines:



All other employees please consult your local or national government websites.


I have further questions around employment and pay, where can I find answers?

Please refer to the Company’s guidelines, found here.


What is the application process and how long does it take?

  1. Decide which scenario most applies to you
  2. Collect necessary documentation 
  3. Submit an application:
  4. A case manager will contact you
  5. We will verify your eligibility through HR
  6. If approved, we will contact you regarding payment
  7. Expect one week or more to receive payment


During this process, you can expect to communicate with multiple different case managers and employees from the EPEF.


Is the EpicPromise Foundation still accepting non-COVID-19 applications?

Yes, we are accepting Emergency Relief applications for all employees. For non-COVID-19 cases, please apply at We have postponed our Spring April 7 Deadline for Educational Ascent until further notice.


I am unsure of my eligibility or do not think these scenarios apply to me, where can I learn more?

If you have further questions, email us at