Tahoe Rim Trail Volunteers

Heavenly on 7/12/2018 10:22:00 AM


In June, a group of 12 Vail Resorts Retail and Marketing employees volunteered with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association in a trail restoration/decommissioning project at lower Stagecoach/Olympic Run. In partnership with the Heavenly Mountain Operations/Trails Crew, the group made huge accomplishments. 

  • Restored over 1700 Linear feet of “user created trail” by decommissioning the surface with woodchips, loosening the soil and incorporating wood chips, and planting seed and fertilizer. (15 pounds of seed, 125 pounds of organic fertilizer)
  • Moved nearly 15 cubic yards of wood chips with wheelbarrows and shovels.
  • Five trail closures with signs and ropes.
  • 85+ hours of volunteer time