Stowe EpicPromise Employee Appreciation Night

Company-wide on 3/7/2018 11:28:49 AM


Stowe’s EpicPromise Team held an employee appreciation night on February 6th where they served pizza and mingled with the 150+ employee attendees. This event highlighted all three facets of EpicPromise with representatives to answer community, foundation and environmental questions.

Employees were able to fill out an electronic questionnaire expressing how they want to be involved in EpicPromise. The areas to choose from included: EpicPromise Week, EpicVolunteers, Epic Kids, EpicPromise for a Zero Footprint, EpicPromise Foundation Emergency Relief and Educational grants, or a combo of the above.

Did you miss the dinner? No problem – you can still fill out the form and get more information on EpicPromise involvement at Stowe.