EP40 Volunteer: Kasha Dunne

Company-wide on 6/7/2018 2:35:19 PM

During her time volunteering, Kasha was able to assist with the Butterfly Release Program at the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. This program consisted of elementary schools that were given a butterfly-kit to teach it's students about Monarch butterflies and their evolution from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Once the caterpillars transformed into butterflies, the students joined Kasha and her team to release them. The program also consisted of games, crafts and educational tents where Kasha was able to decorate and plant pots with the children, teaching them about plants and where they come from. In addition to the Butterfly Release Program, Kasha was able to plant vegetable gardens and perform general upkeep of the gardens, including collecting seeds that would be sent to conservation societies around the world.

"The sheer thrill of hearing 600 children laughing and watching them eagerly anticipate the release [of the Monarch Butterflies] with the atmospheric backdrop of the Vail Mountains and Helmut Fricker playing the alpenhorn was something to be remembered."