EpicPromise Scholars Grant- for dependents

Currently Closed. Next deadline: Winter, 2020.

The EpicPromise Scholars Grant is a US$2,500 per year scholarship for up to four years of post-secondary education*, inclusive of vocational degree programs, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and/or specialized degrees (i.e. nursing degrees). The grant is renewable for three years, based on maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Scholarships will not exceed US$10,000 over the course of four years.

*Grants are only valid for the standard length of the degree program: four years for most bachelor’s degrees and two years for most graduate degrees.



Who is eligible?

  • Children/dependents (up to age 26) of a United States or Canadian Vail Resorts employee (full-time, part-time or with Seasonal Inactive Status).

  • Must be pursuing a post-secondary education.

  • Household income is at or below:
    • Two person household: US$98,760/CA$128,388 (refer to the Income Qualifications for households with more than two individuals).
      • This increases by approximately US$25,000 for each additional family member.

Where is EpicPromise Scholars offered?

  • EpicPromise Scholars is only offered in the U.S. and Canada. It is not currently available for employees of Perisher in Australia.

What is required as part of the application process?

  • Proof of meeting the income qualification, as demonstrated by:
    • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid for U.S. students (more info at www.fafsa.gov).
    • Canadian T-4 tax return for Canadian students.

  • Personal Essay – essay prompt’s will mirror the Common Application’s essay prompts.

  • GPA – a minimum GPA of 3.0 (non-weighted).

  • Community Service – strong applicants demonstrate an average of 40 hours of community service over the last 4 years.

  • Two Completed Reference Forms – References comprise 10% of the total application score. For more information on reference forms, visit the FAQs document here.

Please note that Reference Forms will be found in the application, itself. Applicants will need to download the Reference Form and send it to their chosen references, who will then need to fill out the form and send it back to the applicant to upload as part of their application. You will not be able to submit an application without both completed Reference Forms uploaded to the site.

The chosen references will be asked to comment on the applicant's work ethic or experience, skills, expertise, personal qualities, and/or academic performance. This should, therefore, be completed by a current or former teacher, counselor, coach, employer, supervisor or someone else who can speak positively about the applicant.    

  • Supplemental Materials – submitted at your discretion, and can include:
    • Academic honors
    • Employment history (resume)
    • Extracurricular activities

  • Interview – An in-person interview conducted with senior members of the Resort Administration Team. i.e. when an in-person interview is not an option, a skype or phone interview will be arranged. 


Other Items to Note

  • EpicPromise Scholars Grants have a selective application process. According to IRS regulations, no more than 25% of those that are eligible and apply for a EpicPromise Scholars Grant can be approved.

Have further questions?  Consult our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or email the EpicPromise Employee Foundation at epicpromise@vailresorts.com.