The EpicPromise Foundation

The EpicPromise Employee Foundation supports Vail Resorts employees and their dependents in times of need through emergency financial assistance and educational grants.  The Foundation will provide $750,000 annually in employee grants with donations going to employees in need.  Watch the video here and read the FAQs.


Foundation Impact: Since being founded in January 2016, the Foundation has given over US $1.8 Million to 704 employees through emergency relief and educational grants.  

Emergency Relief Grants: Emergency Relief Grants are awarded to assist with unpredictable life setbacks such as an unplanned medical issue, home disaster or other life event. Learn more and how to apply for assistance.

Educational Ascent GrantsThe Educational Ascent Grant is a one-time financial grant up to US$2,500 for Vail Resorts employees who are pursuing a degree or certificate program. 

EpicPromise Scholars GrantsThe EpicPromise Scholars Grant is a US$2,500 per year scholarship, for up to four years of post-secondary education, for dependents of Vail Resorts employees.

Donate & Get Involved: Learn more on how to support the EpicPromise Employee Foundation through your donations and time.

Questions? Contact EpicPromise with any questions or concerns.